Farfield Group Practice - First Aid for Serious Injuries

First Aid advice & information for serious injuries such as heart attacks & shock. Please remember that although vital in the few minutes before help arrives, first aid can never replace the care & treatment that a healthcare professional can administer, & you should always dial 112 or 999 for professional help in emergency situations.

First Aid for Serious Injuries

This section is to give your patients information regarding First Aid for serious injuries so that they can attempt to help the situation in the critical few minutes before help arrives. It is not attempting to be a first aid course, but hopefully could prove useful in certain situations.

You could either post the information on your website, or link to the NHS Direct or Choices databases as below:

In the event of a serious injury you should always seek appropriate professional medical help by dialling 112 or 999. First aid can be vital in the minutes before help arrives, but can never be a substitute for professional medical help.

The links below to St. Johns Ambulance outline the correct first response & actions for adminstering first aid:

The links below give general advice on the treatment of serious burns, choking, poisoning, electrical injuries, drowning, bleeding, heart attacks, & fractures.